About Us

Valerie discovered her love for American Tribal Style® Belly Dance in 2005.  In 2011, she received her teacher training and started teaching ATS® classes. Not only does she teach, but she performs around Colorado.  She leads her student troupe, One Love Tribal.  

For more information: www.bravobellydance.com




Sheena first took yoga classes in college and then started classes at a local donation yoga studio.  She then found Bravo Belly Dance in 2011 and started taking belly dance classes with Valerie.  In 2014, she decided to take a leap and received her teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga.

For more information: www.sparkoflifeyoga.com

Both Sheena and Valerie discovered what they love about the forms of fitness and wellness they teach was flow.  

To be able to become so immersed in what one is doing that the time just flies by is what makes us feel whole.

Divine Flow Studio is a unique space that is suitable to rent for all things dance, yoga, and wellness in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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